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Zebra ds2208

  • zebra ds2208
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Barcode Scanner

Kit Includes : USB Cable + Stand
Affordability and simplicity Delivered

2D Barcodes appear on everything from the items your customers purchase to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. Some 1D barcode scanners cannot scan 2D barcodes leading to exceptions that slow down the check-out process and frustrate the customers. But with the Zebra ds2208 barcode scanner to can scan it all.  It’s an affordable 1D/ 2D barcode scanner that is easy to use and manage.  If you use the Zebra LI2208 1D scanner today, you can use the same universal cables with the Zebra DS2208 scanner allowing you to leverage your existing accessory invesments to minimise the cost of upgrading to a 1D/2D imager.

DS2208-SR7U2100SGW : 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, Black, Standard Range, With Stand and Interface Cable, USB Interface


Supported Interfaces- USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge.
Pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box
Backwords compatible with Zebra LS2208 scanner cables
Unsurpassed Scanning- Workers can scan barcodes across a wide range (1.23cm to 36.8cm) Improving checkout speed and reducing training time.

Key Applications: Retail

  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Loyalty/Mobile Loyalty
  • Mobile/Electronic Coupons

Easy to deploy
DS2208 is pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box. Plug the scanner into your POS and our auto-host detect cables will automatically identify the interface and connect the imager for you.

Easy to use
Zebra DS2208 scanners is so easy to use, chances are your workers won’t even need training.  It provides workers the best in class first time, every time scanning with point and shoot simplicity regardless of barcode condition.

Thông tin bảo hành

Warranty : 1 Years

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