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Opticon L46X

  • opticon l46x
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The L-46X is a fast hand scanner that comes with a beautiful stand. The L-46X scans with a speed of 100 scans per second. The cables are interchangeable, making it easy to switch between USB or RS-232 interface. The scanner is delivered with either a 2D CMOS Imager


The L-46 is often used in service settings; healthcare for wristband scanning, retail for scanning products and scanning e-tickets from mobile phones at festivals or other social gatherings. Both versions of the scanner are versatile because the cable can be interchanged from USB to RS-232, therefor serving a broader audience.

How we describe the Opticon L-46X

The L-46 is a versatile pistol grip scanner that comes in two different settings so you can have the hardware you require in your scanner. The Opticon L-46X is a 2D CMOS imager. Both engines scan at a speed of a 100 fps or scans per second. The engines that both versions use are designed to perform strongly at moving object scanning, increasing the easiness of how the device scans. This delivers an overall smooth scanning experience.

Both versions come with a complimentary stand and either an USB or RS-232 communication interface. The L-46 scans when the scan button is triggered or when the device is in auto-trigger modus. When a barcode is scanned the user will receive feedback by means of a visual stimulation, LED, vibration(optional) or buzzer.

The L-46 is lightweight with only 112 grams and its pistol grip design is made to make the device feel balanced when used. The included cable is 2.0 meters long, so even when it is plugged in there is some mobility and movement possible.


This product has some exceptional features, for example:

  • Exchangeable cables
  • Auto-trigger
  • High speed moving object scanning
  • 100 scans per second


L-46X - Leaflet



USB Drivers

L-46 Firmware

L-46X Firmware - latest update 23/05/2017

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 A53 Octa-core 
O/S: Android 6.0.1 
EMMC: 16 GB 
Expansion: MicroSD, Simcard 
Type: TFT LCD WVGA, capacitive touch panel, color screen, Gorilla Glass. 
Size: 4.3” 
Operating indicators 
Visual: 2 LEDs (red/green), 1 LED (red/green/yellow). 
Non-visual: Vibrate, buzzer 
Operating keys 
Entry options: 1 power key, 2 volume keys, 1 scan keys, 16 numeric keys, 4 navigation keys. 
Bluetooth: 4.1 LE 
W-LAN: Wi-Fi, IEEE, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/r 
NFC: ISO14443-4 (type A & B), ISO15693, Mifare, Felica (ISO/IEC18092) 
Rear facing camera: 8 MP, auto-focus, LED flash, low light mode 
2D Imager optics 
Light source: Aiming green LED, warm white illumination LED 
Scan method: CMOS area sensor, 640 x 480 pixels, black and white 
Scan rate: Up to 100 fps 
Reading pitch angle: -65 to 0°, 0 to +65° 
Reading skew angle: -65 to 0°, 0 to +65° 
Reading tilt angle: 360° 
Curvature: R>15 mm (EAN8), R>20 mm (EAN13) 
Min. resolution at pcs 0.9: 0.1 mm / 4 mil 
Min. pcs value: 0.9 
Field of view: Horizontal 38°, Vertical 28.9° 
Depth of field at code 39: : 52 - 126 mm / 2.05 - 4.96 in (0.127 mm / 5 mil), 46 - 246 mm / 1.81 - 9.68 in (0.254 mm / 10 mil), 60 - 466 mm / 2.36 - 18.35 in (0.508 mm / 20 mil) 
Depth of field at QR code: 64 - 106 mm / 2.52 - 4.17 in (0.169mm / 6.7 mil), 30 - 234 mm / 1.18 - 9.21 in (0.381mm / 15 mil)

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