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Opticon H-33

  • opticon h33
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OPTICON H-33 | 2D CMOS Imager | WI-FI + 4G LTE

The Android platform is developing in a fast pace, and so are the Mobile Computers of Opticon. Having the successful H-28, Opticon now added the H-31 and H-33 to the range with Android 9. With these rugged devices, Opticon provides a scanning, analyzing and service solution for industries within every sector such as Logistics, Postal, Healthcare, Retail, Industrial and Transportation among others. For the rugged Android mobile computer a separate bumper can be ordered optionally. As always, Opticon provides a dedicated cradle that can be ordered separately upon your wish. The H-31 is a WiFi-supported edition and the H-33 is the 4G model. You can choose the version that best meets your needs. Both editions are Bluetooth 4.1 LE and NFC supported.

The H-31 and H-33 are Android Enterprise Recommended, making it easy for you to select, implement and manage your Android devices and services that meet higher business requirements validated by Google.

The H-31 and H-33 are categorized as a mobile computers and have all the capabilities of a high end scanner and PDA with the look of a smartphone. Additionally, the devices have a 16 MP rear facing camera with auto focus and LED flash. The H-31 and H-33 are scanners of high quality because of the Opticon engine. It is the ideal solution for users that have demanding applications, due to the high capacity battery of 4,000mAh. With the right application you will find that the H-31 and H-33 are multifunctional mobile computers that can stand every weather type and every work environment thanks to the rugged design and the IP rating of 67. This means the devices are dust- and water resistant and therefore can handle any climate. Furthermore, with the bumper the H-31 and H-33 can even withstand a drop up to 1.8m.


The mobile computers opticon H-31 and opticon H-33 are used in a wide variety of markets such as Logistics, Postal, Healthcare, Retail, Industrial and Transportation. It is the perfect solution for optimizing the workflow in your field of business. This rugged mobile computer excels in improving efficiency on the work floor, data gathering and mobility. Opticon H-31 and H-33 are an all-in-one solution that raises performance and efficiency to the next level, and optimizes communication among departments in complex work environments. Furthermore, Opticon provides full and immediate support via your local office. With the Opticon H-31 and H-33 you are investing in a fully supported product including a two year warranty, and an additional service contract is available.

How we describe the H-31 and H-33

The H-31 and H-33 are ergonomic mobile computers that come with the Android 9 operating system, that has the functionality of a computer and a scanner, but with the experience of a smartphone. A 16 MP camera with autofocus is included. With the 5 inch full color FHD touch screen, the H-31 and H-33 are very user-friendly and a sight for sore eyes. The AER makes your life easier in selecting, implementing and managing your Android devices and services to your business’ needs. Because it has Wi-Fi/4G, GPS, and Bluetooth the Opticon H-31 and H-33 are always connected, and ensures real-time data transfer.

The H-33 is equipped with GPS, and can therefore be always traceable. Furthermore, the H-31 and H-33 provide valuable information that can be used to analyze the workflow. It also comes with a USB-port for data transfer, and a long life strong battery. For demanding applications an extended battery is available. Altogether, the H-31 and H-33 are the ideal scanning, analyzing, and service devices for workflow optimization.


A few highlights that makes H-31 and Opticon H-33 your ultimate solution:

  • Android 9
  • 4G/Wi-Fi supported rugged design
  • 5 inch full color FHD touch screen
  • 64 GB memory
  • 16 MP camera with auto focus
  • High performance Opticon scanning
  • Always connected through mobile data, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • High capacity battery of 4,000mAh
  • Protection rate at IP 67
  • Optional bumper for drop down protection
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 A53 Octa-core 
O/S: Android 6.0.1 
EMMC: 16 GB 
Expansion: MicroSD, Simcard 
Type: TFT LCD WVGA, capacitive touch panel, color screen, Gorilla Glass. 
Size: 4.3” 
Operating indicators 
Visual: 2 LEDs (red/green), 1 LED (red/green/yellow). 
Non-visual: Vibrate, buzzer 
Operating keys 
Entry options: 1 power key, 2 volume keys, 1 scan keys, 16 numeric keys, 4 navigation keys. 
Bluetooth: 4.1 LE 
W-LAN: Wi-Fi, IEEE, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/r 
NFC: ISO14443-4 (type A & B), ISO15693, Mifare, Felica (ISO/IEC18092) 
Rear facing camera: 8 MP, auto-focus, LED flash, low light mode 
2D Imager optics 
Light source: Aiming green LED, warm white illumination LED 
Scan method: CMOS area sensor, 640 x 480 pixels, black and white 
Scan rate: Up to 100 fps 
Reading pitch angle: -65 to 0°, 0 to +65° 
Reading skew angle: -65 to 0°, 0 to +65° 
Reading tilt angle: 360° 
Curvature: R>15 mm (EAN8), R>20 mm (EAN13) 
Min. resolution at pcs 0.9: 0.1 mm / 4 mil 
Min. pcs value: 0.9 
Field of view: Horizontal 38°, Vertical 28.9° 
Depth of field at code 39: : 52 - 126 mm / 2.05 - 4.96 in (0.127 mm / 5 mil), 46 - 246 mm / 1.81 - 9.68 in (0.254 mm / 10 mil), 60 - 466 mm / 2.36 - 18.35 in (0.508 mm / 20 mil) 
Depth of field at QR code: 64 - 106 mm / 2.52 - 4.17 in (0.169mm / 6.7 mil), 30 - 234 mm / 1.18 - 9.21 in (0.381mm / 15 mil)

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